Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Neil Armayan, & Merdeka Eve Countdown Concert 2009

As promised,

I'm gonna share with you all about Neil Armayan. As an Ambassador of any brand, one would naturally assume I will only be highlighting the good points without actually testing and sampling the products. Let me assure you that I am one person that will never endorse a product without having 1st. tested and sampled it. I actually went through the whole process, trying out each and every one of the products and experienced/witnessed the remarkable results myself *wink*. And I was definitely impressed! Neil Armayan has a whole range of cosmetic products comprising: Cleansing Milk, PH Balance Lotion, Line Refine, Sun Cream SPF 25, Night Repair Concentrate, Crystal Gold Mask and their latest scrub :)

Neil Armayan is world renowned for it's Health & Beauty Products. Neil Armayan believes that the products we use everyday should make a significant difference to our health, our families and the earth. Well, I guess such a philosophy goes in tandem with my own perception and belief in that a brand should also be one that also cares for things beyond profitability and cares for family values and the world itself!

After trying out Neil Armayan's product for a month, my skin is now more supple and firmer. In fact, last weekend when I was back in Penang... a few of my friends noticed my face looking fairer *smile* So try it! Neil Armayan is a very good product with visible results to show and at an affordable price. Please see below some of the range of Neil Armayan products available in the market today or check their website out at www.neilarmayan.com *smile*

Neil Armayan's Products

My apologies for the blur photos ;)

And a little about my trip back to Penang last weekend. We had a splendid weekend indeed!! Reached there on Saturday afternoon and the first thing we did was...... rush for PENANG FOOD!! *laugh* My Char Koay Teow & Laksa but the wait was horrible! An hour plus can you believe it!! The long queue was due to the Merdeka weekend but it was worth the wait! *smile*

After eating, we checked into the hotel, and rushed out again to Baptain Hair Salon.... My hair is always kept pristine with the touch of Baptain Hair Salon, hair cut & treatment. Spent a few hours there as usual *smile* After that we rushed to PSDC to support our friends Geoffery Tan, The Uglymen and my god sis Girly Cheah perform for the Guitar Festival. Good Job guys!! After that food again to complete our Saturday night, haha.

Sunday was a working day for me. It was the Merdeka Eve Countdown Concert 2009 @ Queensbay Mall. Work started with me being one of the judges for the Shop & Sing Competition and OMG, most of the contestants can really sing! I'm so proud of the Penangites, you guys rock!! My producer, composer and .... ahem.. was shocked with the talent he discovered in Penang.

Right after the Shop & Sing Competition it was time for my performance. The crowd was awesome! Thank you guys for making your way to Queensbay Mall to celebrate our 52nd Merdeka Day and party with us! *smile*

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