Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Experience With The PRO (Baptain Salon, CW Studio & Hongyu Studio)

Haha yup, lots of things that one learnt from the PRO and the PRO that i meant is Baptain from Baptain Salon who's always there from me for the past 4 years since the very start of my career, thank you Baptain for having faith in me *hugs* With Baptain, your big day will be so unique and different with a modern and stylish hair-do *wink*

Crispin from CW Studio, gosh... I think I don't need to explain or elaborate more. Just check out the photos. These are so different from the ordinary photos that one could get out there now. The fun for being with a professional and yet cool photographer like Crispin could just make everything so smooth and easy! 

Hongyu Chan from Hing Studio, I think I don't really need to introduce him more as well since he is already  very famous locally. He is the PRO when it comes to ART! For this round, Hongyu did the make-up for me! I love the make-up, he just know how to make you look outstanding without the needs of putting thick make-up on your face. Natural is the trend now and I'm just simply in love with it.

Such an amazing experience that I had working with these 3 teams on our 1-day shoot in Penang Island itself. The entire project was well plan, venue and time wise. This is what I call teamwork!

With Baptain, Crispin and Hongyu, there's no stress or feeling tired. Just be prepared to keep on laughing and laughing the whole day! It was really fun. We even forgot about the time, giving crazy ideas, talking nonsense and all - that was what happened during the shoot! Isn't it amazing?

 I'm very sure you wouldn't want to go through a stressful day when a photography session is supposed to be fun!

Baptain Salon  was founded by Baptain himself in 1990. That's the place to go if you want a stylish, modern and elegant hair-do, look-up for Bapain as they have few branches in different locations in Penang such as Farlim, Prima Tanjung, New World Park, G Hotel, Queensbay Bay Avenue. Open from Mon-Say: 11.00am-8.00pm and Sun from 11.00am - 7.00pm

Crispin from CW Studio is an experience photographer and a funny guy too! CW Studio was founded by Crispin in 2008. Looking for something different than an ordinary photo that you can see in normal bridal shop? Look up for Crispin at 2-2-47, Tingkat Mahsuri, 1 Square, Bayan Baru or you can email him at info@cwsudio.asia

Hongyu Chan from Hing Studio was our real star *lol* the experience + creativity + fun factor was awesome. You wanna look stunning, sharp and yet elegant and natural? Look up for Hongyu and keep in touch with him on facebook at hongyu.chan.5@facebook.com.

This team will give you a memorable and amazing memories by end of the day for the rest of your life.

Lastly, Jezz signing off with love *mwah*

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